TheBoatApp provides you with tasks management software that lets you plan maintenance tasks, put deadlines and assign them to the relevant person (i.e. technician, marina personnel, skipper, etc). Simply, what needs to be done, when and by whom, also assignable to other users.


  • Not all tasks are to be handled by you alone! So, go ahead and assign them to the right person (e.g. electrician, mechanic, etc), to view and edit along with you and receive alerts too!
  • Tasks should be done within a given deadline, to make sure that your boat is in top shape for the cruise you plan! Register them and make sure to track each one as well as be notified accordingly.
  • What’s the point of a task’s due date if you, and the assignee, will not be notified in advance so that the given task is performed in time? Set up additionally pre-alerts and get notified, ahead of time!
  • Many times a task involves more than you and the assignee (e.g. technician). You may need to keep in the loop others too (e.g. your skipper, co-owners, etc). Share the task with them and be all in sync!