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With logbook, inventory, documents, checklists, tasks and alerts over cloud services, TheBoatApp, powered by TheBoatDB, is all about having the best experience in managing your boat efficiently and effectively.
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One picture equals a thousand words, thus here is the centralized view of your data! Get drill-down views into your data, including costs per month and category, ongoing trips overview, overdue or forthcoming tasks and alerts.


Things happen when you cruise and you want to register them. Right? Get offline access to your boat data and management, providing of course seamless syncing when back in port!

User-defined fields

Do you want to personalize your boat? Do so with your own user-defined fields for your boat!

Cloud storage

Your data need space to grow! Go ahead and store your documents, log-records, photos, manuals, etc. Your marine life in a single repository!


TheBoatApp provides you with a fully-featured logbook software. Yachters and boaters will find it very helpful with its simplicity, effectiveness, and well organized graphical interface, providing the best experience for recording your trips and so much more!


  • Full registry of your voyages and conditions, fully searchable and shareable with your crewmates.
  • Allowing multi-user entries (i.e. by the crew), photos, etc.
  • Including trip log (time, location, etc), weather log, radio log, auto-logging at predefined intervals, etc.
  • Integrated with Google Maps and providing route tracing, to see your route over the map.
  • Integrated with Windy for always having a weather snapshot, around your location of course!

TheBoatApp provides you with a fully-fledged inventory management software for boats/yachts, where you can have full cataloguing of your spare parts, consumables, provisions, tools, etc.


  • Not simply what you have onboard but also where exactly you have it (location on the boat), when you got it, how much you paid for it, if/when it expires, minimum quantities needed on board and much more!
  • Many inventory items need you attention either once (upon expiration) or regularly (maintenance). Be reminded about each and every one of them, via timely provided alerts!
  • Are there inventory items needing attention from your crewmates too? (e.g. a spare needed for a repair or scheduled maintenance). Share and collaborate effectively!

TheBoatApp provides you with tasks management software that lets you plan maintenance tasks, put deadlines and assign them to the relevant person (i.e. technician, marina personnel, skipper, etc). Simply, what needs to be done, when and by whom, also assignable to other users.


  • Not all tasks are to be handled by you alone! So, go ahead and assign them to the right person (e.g. electrician, mechanic, etc), to view and edit along with you and receive alerts too!
  • Tasks should be done within a given deadline, to make sure that your boat is in top shape for the cruise you plan! Register them and make sure to track each one as well as be notified accordingly.
  • What’s the point of a task’s due date if you, and the assignee, will not be notified in advance so that the given task is performed in time? Set up additionally pre-alerts and get notified, ahead of time!
  • Many times a task involves more than you and the assignee (e.g. technician). You may need to keep in the loop others too (e.g. your skipper, co-owners, etc). Share the task with them and be all in sync!

TheBoatApp provides you with a document management software system functionality so that you may have central storage of all your boat-related documents (e.g. manuals, certificates, licenses, etc). These will be digitally available to you, always fully water and humidity resistant! Each of them linked to the respective record (e.g. inventory, task, etc), having accurate expiration date information so that you and your crewmates can be notified, ahead of time (pre-alert).


  • Store all the documents related to your boat (e.g. registration, license, insurance, etc), the crew (e.g. skipper license), systems (e.g. manuals), safety equipment (e.g. flares, raft), etc. Worry not any longer for water or humidity destroying them, since your digital file will be always available.
  • Many documents are eventually expiring (e.g. registrations, licenses, certificates of inspections, etc) and you should be promptly notified to renew them. Let TheBoatApp alert you and your crewmates, so you may schedule in time any needed renewal. No more surprises about expired documents upon a coast guard inspection!
  • Share your boat’s paperwork (e.g. registrations, licenses, certificates, manuals, etc) with your skipper, marina, crew, mechanic and be all aligned. No more surprises of someone not knowing that something has expired!

TheBoatApp provides you with a full-featured checklists app functionality as an easy way to make sure you have checked the necessary items; things to be done, equipment to be checked, provisions/spares to be purchased, etc.


  • A wide variety of ready-made checklists. Proven workflows to get things right, ready to use out-of-the-box!
  • Follow a checklist and make sure that you have always the latest version, always up-to-date with any changes made by its creator.
  • Copy a checklist you like and be able to fully edit (add/delete items) and tailor it to your very own specific needs.
  • Build, share and reuse your own checklists.
  • Do you wish to keep a checklist private for your eyes only or share it with just a few? Well, you may do so!

TheBoatApp provides you with a fully-fledged alerts management software that lets you configure alerts for items needing your attention, such forthcoming expirations of inventory items or documents (e.g. licenses, certificates, etc.), notifying you and your crewmates in time to take actions!


  • All your alerts, in a single centralized view, regardless of the module configured (inventory, tasks, documents, etc). This is the big picture, allowing you to sort by date (timeline-view), priority, type, status, etc.
  • Have many boat-chores to be alerted about? Worry not. You and your sharing crewmates will be notified for all, in time to take actions!
  • Not everyone can really remember what needs to be done and when. Let TheBoatApp do this for you, plus anyone you are sharing with, and remind you ahead of time (pre-alerts)!

We love paperless record keeping and apps but we bet that an old-fashioned printable report (e.g. pdf) is needed from time to time. Some people/agencies still love their papers and thus you should be able to comply and get it in print for them! (e.g. this amazing mechanic of yours that thinks that mobile phones are just for making calls, some authority in need of a boat document hard-copy, etc).


  • Printable format (e.g. PDF) for being able to crosscheck off-screen what is needed, share with your mechanic, marina, port authorities, etc.

Sharing is caring! Share your whole boat or selectively your inventory, tasks, checklists, documents, etc. You decide who needs to know what! Learn more