TheBoatApp provides you with a document management software system functionality so that you may have central storage of all your boat-related documents (e.g. manuals, certificates, licenses, etc). These will be digitally available to you, always fully water and humidity resistant! Each of them linked to the respective record (e.g. inventory, task, etc), having accurate expiration date information so that you and your crewmates can be notified, ahead of time (pre-alert).


  • Store all the documents related to your boat (e.g. registration, license, insurance, etc), the crew (e.g. skipper license), systems (e.g. manuals), safety equipment (e.g. flares, raft), etc. Worry not any longer for water or humidity destroying them, since your digital file will be always available.
  • Many documents are eventually expiring (e.g. registrations, licenses, certificates of inspections, etc) and you should be promptly notified to renew them. Let TheBoatApp alert you and your crewmates, so you may schedule in time any needed renewal. No more surprises about expired documents upon a coast guard inspection!
  • Share your boat’s paperwork (e.g. registrations, licenses, certificates, manuals, etc) with your skipper, marina, crew, mechanic and be all aligned. No more surprises of someone not knowing that something has expired!