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You get TheBoatDB providing the boats repository for browsing, shortlisting, benchmarking and more; powering also TheBoatApp for a seamless tracking of your boating data. One account, two full-featured platforms!

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  • Basic Dashboard

  • Inventory

  • Tasks

  • Assignee & due-dates

  • Alerts(30)

  • Checklists

  • Storage (300 MB)

  • User-to-user sharing (Limited)

  • Logbook (Limited)

  • Offline

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  • Search & Explore

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  • Benchmark boats

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  • Advanced dashboard

  • Inventory

  • Tasks

  • Assignee & due-dates

  • Alerts(1000)

  • Checklists

  • Storage (3,000 MB)

  • User-to-user sharing

  • Logbook

  • Offline

  • No advertising

  • .. & more coming soon

A sea of features

With logbook, inventory, documents, checklists, tasks and alerts over cloud services, TheBoatApp, powered by TheBoatDB, is all about having the best experience in managing your boat efficiently and effectively

Choose the right plan for yourself

Be a real captain, manage all your boat needs digitally and enjoy the rest of the day.

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Search & Explore

Search for a specific boat model or Explore boats matching your preferences.

Save as favourite

Save as favourites the boats you are eyeing!


Boat comparison & benchmarking made easy! Benchmark your boat versus the “competition” or simply compare side-by-side. Spot differences easily among many boats and benchmark performance ratios!

No advertising

You may not be fond of ads but they help pay the bills. Advertising will be removed throughout the platform when you subscribe to Gold.



One picture equals a thousand words, thus here is the centralized view of your data! Gold will allow you even wider single-glance view of your data including costs per month and category, ongoing trips overview, overdue or forthcoming tasks and alerts.




Things happen when you cruise, and you want to register them. Right? Offline access to your boat data and management is crucial, providing of course seamless syncing when back in port!

User defined fields

Do you want to personalize your boat? Create your own user defined fields for your boat!

Coming soon

No advertising

Nobody likes ads but they help pay the bills. Advertising will be removed throughout the platform when you subscribe to Gold.


Centralized view

All your alerts, in a single view regardless of the module configured (inventory, tasks, documents, etc). This is the big picture, allowing you to sort by date (timeline-view), priority, type, status, etc.

Quota of active alerts

Have many boat-chores to be alerted about? Worry not. You and your sharing crewmates will be notified for all, in time to take actions!



Assignable alerts & pre-alerts

Now everyone can really remember what needs to be done and when. Let us do this for you and remind both you plus anyone you are sharing with!

Limited (View only)



Ready made checklists

A wide variety of checklists, with proven workflows to get things right!


Follow a checklist and make sure that you have always the latest version, always up-to-date with any changes made by its creator.


Copy a checklist you like and be able to fully edit (add/delete items) and tailor it to your very own specific needs.

Create checklists

Build, share and reuse your own checklists.

Checklists Sharing

Do you wish to keep a checklist you built privately for your eyes only or share it with just a few? Well, you may do so!

Public only

Full (Public, Selective or Private)



Your data need space to grow! Go ahead and store your documents, log-records, photos, manuals, etc. Your marine life in a single repository!

300 MB

3,000 MB

User to user sharing

Sharing is caring! Share your whole boat or selectively your inventory, tasks, checklists, documents, etc. You decide who needs to know what! Learn more

Limited (View only)



Document alerts

Many documents are eventually expiring (e.g. registrations, licenses, certificates of inspections, etc) and you should be promptly notified to renew them. Let us remind you, in time!

File sharing

Share your boat’s paperwork (e.g. registrations, licences, certificates, manuals, etc) with your skipper, marina, crew, mechanic and be all aligned!

Limited (View only)



Inventory alerts

Many inventory items need you attention either once (upon expiration) or regularly (maintenance). Let us make your life easier by reminding you about each and every one of them, in time! See how the quota applies for each plan on the Alerts section.

Inventory sharing

Are there inventory items needing attention from your teammates too? (e.g. a spare needed for a repair or scheduled maintenance). Share and collaborate effectively!

Limited (View only)



Logbook sharing

Let your friends & family know of your location and how things are going! Furthermore, let your crewmates edit the boat’s Logbook, adding photos and notes of your cruising precious times!

Limited (view only)


Sharing quota

User-to-user sharing per trip.



Google Maps

Your route and trips are overlaid in Google Maps.


Let us see how the weather looks, and the winds are blowing, around your location of course!


Assignable Tasks

Not all tasks are to be handled by you alone! So, go ahead and assign them to the right person (e.g. electrician, mechanic, etc), to view and edit along with you and receive alerts too!

Due date

Tasks should be done within a given deadline, to make sure that your boat is in top shape for the cruise you plan! Register them and make sure to track each one as well as be notified accordingly.

Task alerts

What’s the point of a task’s due date if you, and the assignee, will not be notified in advance so that the given task is performed in time? Set up additionally pre-alerts and get notified, ahead of time!

Task sharing

Many times a task involves more than you and the assignee (e.g. technician). You may need to keep in the loop others too (e.g. your skipper, co-owners, etc). Share the task with them and be all in sync!

Limited (View only)



Support priority

We strive to support you, but we have to prioritize the Gold users that support us.

Feature requests priority

Contribute actively into shaping the features roadmap. If we have not already implemented to it, propose your favourite feature!

Gold user badge

Your Gold medal, pinned on your account’s avatar throughout the platform. A thank-you distinction mark for your support!

No advertising

Nobody likes ads but they help pay the bills. Advertising will be removed throughout the platform when you subscribe to Gold.

Platform support

Operating such a massive online platform 24/7, along with pairing Android and iOS apps, is far from an easy task. Gold pays for servers and other costs.

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