Decommissioning - Winterizing

General guidelines to perform fall decommissioning

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Freshwater, Empty water tanks, lines and pumps. Drain hot water heater and create bypass. Run non-toxic (propylene glycol) antifreeze through all lines including sinks in galley and head as well as the shower
Freshwater, Inspect pump impellers and grease
Freshwater, Inspect hoses and clamps, and replace if necessary before winterizing
Freshwater, Service water maker
Freshwater, Order new filters for spring
Saltwater, Close intake seacocks and run antifreeze throughout. Remember all systems, engine, D/G, refrigeration and saltwater washdown
AC/Refrigeration, Pump antifreeze through cooling system
Head, Empty holding tank at pumpout facility, rinse with fresh water, and empty out. Add antifreeze
Head, Pump head dry, lubricate with oil and run antifreeze through bowl, intake and discharge hoses. Lubricate gaskets and seacocks
Bilge, Pump bilge dry
Seacocks, Check all seacocks, lubricate, and close
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Replace air filter
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Pump drain oil and replace filter. Topoff with fresh oil
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Change fuel filter. Fill fuel tank to capacity to prevent condensation. Add stabilizer
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Change transmission fluid and replace filter
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Replace engine zincs
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Service all belts and hoses
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Check internal antifreeze system
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Replace raw water pump impellers
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Service heat exchanger
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Drain water from engine intakes and risers; replace with antifreeze
Engine, D/G and Transmission, Clean and degrease engine, touch up paint, and spray with corrosion inhibitor
Steering, Check rudder bushings
Steering, Check linkage
Steering, Check cables and hydraulics
Drive line, Check and grease propeller shaft and inspect propeller
Drive line, Repack stuffing box
Drive line, Check cutlass bearing
Drive line, Check spurs
Drive line, Replace hull and shaft zincs
Batteries, Remove batteries and store in dry place or charge periodically during layup
Humidity control, Place absorbent particles in containers throughout the cabin to absorb moisture from the air
Gear, Remove all gear that needs to be cleaned or kept dry
Gear, Lift up cushions and open cabinet doors to limit mold
Gear, Check flares and fire extinguishers for expiration dates and service or replace as necessary
Gear, Check life raft repacking date and send in for inspection if required
Canvas, Inspect sails, dodger, bimini, etc. Send to sailmaker/canvas shop for cleaning and repair
Canvas, Install canvas winter cover or shrink wrap