Toilet SOP

Operating instructions for the toilet

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Open water inlet valve.
Before use ensure there is enough water in the bowl to prevent toilet paper from becoming compacted.
If the bowl is empty move the Flush Control lever to Open and pump until enough water has entered the bowl.
Shut the Flush Control.
Use toilet paper sparingly.
After use, with the Flush Control Shut, pump until the bowl is empty.
When bowl empty, Open the Flush Control and continue to pump at least 10 full strokes to ensure waste has reached the Holding Tank.
Shut the Flush Control and pump until the bowl is empty. Always leave the bowl empty to minimise spillage.
After using the toilet shut the water inlet valve.
Do not put anything down the toilet unless you have eaten it first, except toilet paper.
Clean the toilet with Spray & Wipe. Do not use bleach.