Off-board Checklist

Checklist when locking up and leaving the yacht

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IMPORTANT: Moor boat by 1) retrieving red/orange mooring bouy #64 and securing it to port bollard; 2) securing second mooring line to starboard bollord; and 3) use excess line from bouy to tie off mooring line to port bollard.
Put on instrument covers.
Lock steering at starboard wheel.
Empty and dry refrigerator. Leave open if not used for an extended time.
Remove all rubbish
Wipe clean all smooth surfaces in saloon, galley and head.
Remove depth/ speed transponder and dry bilge.
Close toilet water inlet valve and waste holding tank outlet valve.
Turn OFF drain valves for sink, shower and wash basin.
Turn OFF gas at gas bottle and isolator switch.
Turn OFF power to anchor after it has been lifted
Check electric bilge pump is set to auto.
Turn OFF all other power switches before turning off batteries.
Turn OFF battery power.
Check both hatches are securely closed and locked.
Check mooring lines are secure.
Make sure cockpit lockers are padlocked.
Lock companionway hatch.
Check/amend Task list.