On-board Checklist

Things to do and check on boarding yacht, before leaving mooring.

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Check Task List for outstanding items.
Obtain key access. If accessing by tender check SASC web site for phone number.  
Unlock companionway slide and stow in port cockpit storage locker.
Place boat keys and padlocks in Chart Table.  
Turn ON engine and house battery power switches under berth in starboard quarterberth. Both RED handles horizontal.
Check water, fuel and battery levels on main switchboard panel and note on WhatsApp.
Insert depth/ speed transponder and dry bilge. Bucket and drying cloths in port quarter berth. Place cloth in drain to stop water moving in bilge.
Unlock steering at starboard wheel.
Start engine.
IMPORTANT: Check exhaust (port side, near stern) for flow of raw cooling water.
Monitor gauges and panel lights after starting to make sure batteries charging and engine temp is correct.
Place life ring and light on starboard side pushpit bracket and secure before leaving mooring.
To Leave mooring: Place mooring float outside pulpit, drop port mooring line and then release starboard mooring line when skipper instructs.
Open inlet water valve for toilet before use.
Open drain valves for sink, shower and wash basin before use.