Boat Toolbox

A list of reccomended to have tools and accessories in your boat toolbox!

Checklist image
Pliers: fixed + adjustable  
Wrench: metric + imperial & fixed + adjustable  
 Screwdrivers: flat + philips + extensions  
 Vise-grip pliers  
 Allen: metric + imperial  
 12V DC Vacuum Cleaner  
 12V DC Drill  
 Tape measure  
 Wiring crimping pliers and cutter  
 Duct tape: white + black + yellow/green  
 Tie wraps: plastic + metal  
 Small butane torch + refill bottle  
 Butane soldering iron  
 Permanent markers  
 Heat shrinking jackets  
 Hammer: small + big  
 Magnifying glass  
 Brushes: various sizes + toothbrush  
 Three-pronged parts-retrieval claw  
 Tef-gel: to isolate different metals such as using stainless-steel screws in aluminum spars and to lubricate seacocks  
 Paraffin wax blocks: for lubricating metal cutting blades  
 Sail tracks + hatch slides  
 Jigsaw + various cutting blades 
 Oscillating electric multitool + variety of blades and sanding pads  
 Wet/dry vacuum cleaner  
 A-frame ladder with a safety tether  
 Pipe wrenches (toothed)  
 Caulking gun (silicone)  
 Roll of plastic sheeting or visqueen  
 Wiring fish tape  
Various lubricants, penetrating and machine oils
 Silicone sprays and dry coatings (Harken and Lewmar have their own lines of lubes)  
 Light machine oil on pawls and lithium grease on spindles  
Antal TFL 400 teflon grease  
CRC 6-56 lubricant  
 Super lube  
 Boeshield t-9 and tef-gel  
Protective glasses  
Ear protectors: muffs + silicone plugs 
Full body suit  
Gloves: latex + working ones  
Work shoes  
Knee pads