Winterising Checklist (Sailing Awen)

Decommissioning - Winterising checklist split in Pre-docking, At-dock and Post-haulout tasks (Reference: Sailing Awen)

Checklist image
Pre-docking, Stern strap (starboard) - remove wheel
Pre-docking, Stainless steel - clean all stainless and fix any rusting stains on gelcoat
Pre-docking, Mosquito net sliders - to wash
Pre-docking, Teak - remove dolphin seats
Pre-docking, Covers - put all covers on: winches, helm, table, plancha etch.
Pre-docking, Outboard - remove Suzuki engine before docking
Pre-docking, Outboard - remove outboard from dinghy
Pre-docking, Fresh water - fill up tanks for watermaker wintering and to fill up black water tanks
Pre-docking, Diesel - fill up diesel tanks
Pre-docking, Black water - pump out tanks
Pre-docking, Stickers - clean stickers
Pre-docking, Karver hook - test with dynema loop
Pre-docking, Mainsail - lake main, to add inside tarp to protect from rain
Pre-docking, Genoa - take genoa off
Pre-docking, Lines - remove running rigging
At-dock, Volvo engine/saildrive 600 hr service
At-dock, Hardware winches service
At dock, Generator service
At dock, Fuel filter - water separator cleanup
At dock, Suzuki outboard - engine check/service
At dock, Running rigging - check/lube
At dock, Battery management - check system, determine if auto charger is needed
At dock, Water heater - clean, check
At dock, Aquabase watermaker - pickling
At dock, Air compressor - check/clean
At dock, Gelcoat fixes - check for any cracks and repair as needed
At dock, Wash - pressure wash boat, tent, cushions
At dock, Depth sounder - remove before haulout
At dock, Fuel - add preservative to diesel tanks
At dock, Dinghy - lock to the boat, open plugs, and to add cover
At dock, Canvas tent - take tent and cushions off, store inside the boat or fix anything, create opening where davit lines currently touch the tent
At dock, Batteries - check all batteries are fully charged
At dock, Lines - wash all lines, including dock lines
At dock, Life raft - lock it under the stairs
At dock, Toilets - flush all toilets with fresh water and empty tanks
At dock, Through hulls - turn on/off and leave off
At dock, Doors & hatches - rinse/grease sliding doors and hatches (seals)
At dock, Oven vent - tape cockpit ventilation for rodents
At dock, Scuba tanks - leave air in scuba tanks (50 bars?)
At dock, Mainsail track & cars - clean and lubricate
At dock, Blocks - clean and lubricate
At dock, Shrouds - check turnbuckles and crimping of shrouds
At dock, Rigging - check the complete rigging
At dock, Anchorage/windlass - rinse with fresh water the anchor well (windlass, chain...)
At dock, Steering system - check cable level, to grease steering system, to check rudder bearings, to check level of autopilot (change the autopilot level - when?)
At dock, Electrical - check/tighten/grease cable lugs and power connectors
At dock, Air conditioning - clean suction strainers and sea water filters, to check function pressures, clean condensers' collecting tanks
At dock, Plumbing - test electrical and manual bilge pumps, to check water groups under pressure (leaks), check/handle/grease of 1/4 turn valves
At dock, Black water - drain, rinse and fill it with fresh water and antibacterial product
At dock, Washer / dryer - drain / clean
At dock, Wash - every surface inside boat
At dock, Fridges / freezer - empty and clean, and to leave door ajar. To check door seals
At dock, Storage areas (cockpit and anchor locker) - to remove items and store inside the boat or to lock
At dock, Laundry – wash everything
At dock, Linens - vacuum bag clothes and linens
At dock, Chafe - dd anti-chafe pads on mooring lines
At dock, Rodents add anti mouse sheaves on mooring lines
Post-haulout, Propeller - check, service and apply propspeed
Post-haulout, Coppercoat - check and fix any patches
Post-haulout, Valet - arrange for someone to take a look once in a while (battery status, bug infestations, water under floorboards, mildew, bilge pumps...)
Post-haulout, Mainsail - angle boom, to protect ends (so bugs, birds don't nest in), to wrap line around mainsail bag to protect from wind
Post-haulout, Hull - check hull anodes, sea cocks
Post-haulout, Hull - plug holes with sponges (?) To prevent bugs and other creatures.
Post-haulout, Mooring cleats - tighten
Post-haulout, Mooring cleats - tighten
Post-haulout, Bridle - untwist and check length
Post-haulout, Chain swivel - check
Post-haulout, Chain - reverse chain, add markers every 10 meters (paint?)
Post-haulout, Fresh water - drain fresh water tanks, including the deck shower
Post-haulout, Water filtration - remove and dispose carbon filter, and to check the new one is compatible
Post-haulout, Teak - remove helm station steps, clean and oil all teak
Post-haulout, Hatches - close and lock all hatches