Fair Winds and Following Seas – 2020 – Development Plans

Ahoy fellow sailors!

To begin with, Happy 2020, with fair winds and following seas!

2019 proved quite productive. We managed to launch TheBoatApp, powered by TheBoatDB, and the accompanying Android and iOS apps. Having quite a roadmap ahead, let us see a few features we plan for 2020:

Public Checklists

We shall made them accessible to all, just like the TheBoatDB database of boats, so that everyone will have access. Let the knowledge be in the public domain for any fellow sailors to take advantage, and even better log-in and provide improvements!


We have initiated the development of our Open-API. We are advocates of open systems and interoperability and we want to provide easy connectivity to/from the platform


the Internet of Things (IoT) is a trendy thing and not just for your home. Supported by Open-API, the interfacing of 3rd party hardware devices (gateways, sensors, actuators, etc) will provide to mariners monitoring and controlling of their vessels, from everywhere, on any device!

Stay tuned for more to follow!


With Best Marine Regards,

Your Marine Data Cloud

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